When Fred Dann came of age, he moved a few miles southeast from the Moreland farm and settled on the other side of the valley. He made his home on the Ridge Road, a road which traverses the high ground between Horseheads and Odessa.

Danns of three generations farmed parts of that hillside for more than fifty years.

Dann family snapshot album A tour of the present- day Ridge Road with Jim Dann. A map of the Ridge and Middle Road farms, 1910- 1970 A map of the Ridge and Middle Road farms, 1910- 1970

photos of the Fred Dann Family photos of the Fred dann Family Growing up on Ridge Road Growing up on the Ridge Road

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Laurance Dann, aprx 1970

In the early 1970s Laurance Dann set down the names and birthdays of "his" family; his parents, his children, their children, his siblings, and all their children and grandchildren. It is the one single "go to" document that describes the adult generations of the family at that time.

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Fred O. Dann born Aug 26th 1870 Hornby, Steuben County, NY

Mary Belle Mosher, born Dec 13, 1872, I believe in Catlin Township, Steuben County, NY.

Married July 8th 1896.

Children as follows.

Laurance M. Dann born May 2d, 1897, Town of Dix, Schuyler County

Julia Westlake, born Oct 21st 1897, Town of Veteran, Chemung County

Married Feb 22d 1919. Farmed all my life until past 65.

Children as follows:

Paul L. Dann, born Dec 16, 1920, Veteran, Chemung County

Married Venita Bellis

August 117, 1946 at Penn Yan NY.

Children as follows:

Paula L. Dann, born Jan 29, 1947

Gary L. Dann, birn Feb 4th 1948

Joan Marie Dann, born Sept 20, 1950

Donna Dann, born July 19th, 1956

Mark Dann, born

Barbara Dann, born

Delos R. Dann, born Dec 17th, 1923 Veteran, Chemung County NY.

Alice Murray, born June 20th, 1924, Sayre PA.

Married April 6th 1945 at Sayre PA.

Children as follows:

Delos R. Dann Jr. born Mar 24, 1947

David R. Dann, born Sept 14, 1949

Douglas G. Dann, born Oct 5th, 1951

Nancy Marie Dann, born Nov. 24th 1952

Marilyn Jean Dann, born March 28, 1955

Linda K. Dann, born July 17th, 1957. Deceased at birth.

Duane W. Dann, born Apr. 8th, 1959

Daryl L. Dann, born Apr. 8th, 1959 ... twins

Maureen F. Dann, born July 23d 1961 Deceased at birth.

Donald M. Dann, born May 23, 1963

Ralph M. Dann, born Jan 5th, 1827, Vetreran, Chemung County NY.

Bette Templar, born Mar 1927

Married Dec 29th, 1944

Children as follows:

Constance Jean Dann, born July 19, 1945

Stephan R. Dann, born Feb 25th 1947

Thomas A. Dann, born Aug 7th 1949

Michael Lee Dann, born June 24th 1952

Dennis P. Dann , born Apr 21st, 1955

Jennifer Dann, born

Laurance M. Dann married March 29, 1945, age 47 to Phoebe Crane Dann age 41 at Pine Valley By Rev. Knight.

Robert M. Dann, born Dec 9th, 1899, town of Veteran Chemung County NY

Helen Breese, born May 10th 1898

Married May 19th 1923 Town of Ashland, Chemung County NY

Children as follows:

Virginia M. Dann born Jan 23, 1924. Married

C. Dunham Tilden at Painted Post June 22, 1946

Children as follows:

Robert D. Tilden, born Mar 25th 1947

Stephen G. Tilden, born Mar 3, 1950

Ronald L. Dann, born May 18, 1931. Married

Patricia Thunfors at Albany NY Oct 6, 1951.

Children as follows:

Cynthia Lee Dann, born July 15th 1952

Kevin Lyman dann, born Mar 23, 1954

Peter G. Dann, born July 11th, 1955

Charles Matthew Dann, born Sept 18th, 1958

Robert M. Dann, born Oct 18th, 1962

Stanley R. Dann, born July 7th, 1902 Town of Veteran, Chemung County NY

deceased Aug 22, 1944. Married Phoebe A. Crane born Jan 22, 1904.

Children as follows:

James R. Dann, born Aug 3rd, 1927. Married Dec 28, 1948

Marjorie Robbins, born Oct 12, 1929.

Daughter Darlene F. Dann, born July 31, 1950

Joyce M. Dann, born June 28, 1930. Married to

John Wiseman, Sept 2, 1930 at Horseheads, NY on

March 18, 1955.

Children as follows:

Dawn M Wiseman, born Dec 19, 1956

Pamela Wiseman, born June 26, 1958

John Wiseman, Jr., born Jan 23, 1961

Barbara J. Dann, born Aug 26, 1933. Married to

Glen Horton, born April 15th, 1933.

Children as follows:

Timothy Horton, born Nov 18, 1959

Jay J Horton, born Aug 23, 1962

Daniel J. Horton, born Feb 10, 1969

Gladys M. Dann, born Mar 3, 1904, town of Veteran, Chemung County, NY

Married to Irving Chatterton Aug 30, 1929 at the family home in Veteran. Rev. Harry Malick.

Children as follows:

Irving Tyndale Chatterton, Jr., born Nov 28, 1935. Married Virginia Crook.

Edith Dorothy Dann, born Apr 7, 1906 Town of Veteran, Chemung County.

Married to C. Arthur Bullock on Aug 7th, 1928 at the family home by Rev. Harry Malick.

Children as follows:

Charles Arthur Bullock, born Mar 11, 1930. Married

Elizabeth Boyer, born Mar 4, 1932. Married June 25, 1960

Children as follows:

Laura Elizabeth Bullock, born July 20, 1961

Charles Arthur Bullock III, born Mar 14, 1963

Carol L. Bullock, born Feb 7, 1966

Donna Mary Bullock, born Aug 31, 1931. Married Sept 11, 1952

Harry Kortland Ziel Aug 1, 1930.

Children as follows:

Fredrick Harold Ziel, born Nov 28, 1953

Stephen Elliot Ziel, born June 7, 1956

Katherine Lorraine Ziel, born Nov 28, 1957

Karen Lynne Ziel, born May 27, 1959

Linda Susan Ziel, born May 5, 1961

Lisa Kimberly Ziel, born Mar 18, 1963

Byran Arthur Ziel March 27, 1967

Donald F. Dann, born Nov 1st, 1909 Veteran, Chemung County NY

deceased Feb 12th, 1947. Married Aug 4, 1934 to Frances Woughter at Canastota, NY

Children as follows:

Merbeth R. Dann, born Dec 18, 1938

Millard E. Dann, born Oct 30, 1942

Donald F. Dann, born May 13, 1946

Gerald C. Dann, born Jan 27, 1914, Veteran, Chemung County

Married Marion Brown at Newfield, NY Aug 22, 19

Children as follows:

Philip Bruce Dann, born December 27thp, 1936

Frank O Dann, born Mar 8th, 1939

Fredrick M. Dann, born Jan 20, 1941

Allen G. Dann, born July 21, 1946

Family of Laurance Dann

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