August 2011: This page is still beginning, and will likely proceed slowly, as I have time, and as I discover caches of headstone pictures that are in my files.

The first order of business is the headstone project... the repair of Andrew and Angeline's headstone foundations in Woodlawn Cemetery, and the replacemnt of Philip and Maryanne's stones in the Town of Union. All work has been completed. The Woodlawn stones were re- set at a total cost of $200. I obtained and set new stones and set them in front of Philip and Mary Anne's original stones. Cost for these stones was $600.

Donations received in 2010 are $100 from Alice Dann, $100 from Doug and Hilke Dann, $20 from Jewell and John Hayes. 2011 donations are $75 from Dotte Hayes and $20 from Jewell and John. 2012 donations were made by Daryl Dann, $100, Marylyn and Mike Arman,$100, and the Dann treasury, $100.

Andrew and Angeline Dann

Philip and Maryanne Dann stones

Jerimiah Van Hoesen, and all three Garritt Van Hoesens