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F.O. Dann and family, 1914. front row, left to right: Fred, holding Gerald, Dorothy, Gladys, Mary. back row, left to right: Donald, Stanley, Robert, Laurance.

F.O.Dann and family, in the 1930s. front row: Dorothy, Mary, Fred, Stanley. back row, left to right:Gerald, Donald, Gladys, Robert, Laurance.

F.O. and Mary Dann with their children and grandchildren, taken at the 1939 Thanksgiving dinner at Robert Dann's home in Painted Post. Also included are Fred's brother Alpheus and his wife Edna, and his sister Edith and her husband Levi Root.

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Laurance, Robert, Stanley Dann.

Stanley Dann... someone please verify: is this Stanley or Laurance?

The Pine Valley Sunday School class. These identities apparently include the (later) married names of the girls. Mary Mosher Dann is on the far left. Next to her, moving accross the back is Molly Palmer Smith, Anna Mosher Gifford, and Maude Smith Barnes. Alida Stoll Marshall is on the far right and Jenny Barnes Mosher Coleman is to the lower right of Mary.

This photo is tentatively dated 1918. I am awaiting more information (Sept. 2006)

Gathering, 4th of July 1930 (?) at FO Dann farm. Click here to see this photo with names.

Grandma Sarah Crane Mosher holding Paul Dann. Laurance and Mary Mosher Dann are standing. Four generations are in this 1921 picture.

F.O.and Mary Dann.

F.O. Dann. Doesn't someone have a story to go with this photo?

Mary and Fred Dann, Dorothy and Art Bullock. This picture was taken in front of the "Halfway House"

The five children of Fred and Mary Dann who survived into old age. taken at the reunion hosted by Robert Dann at his Lodge on the Green restaurant in the fall of 1977. He had recently been hospitalized with his first heart attack and had laid in bed thinking that it was time for everyone to gather for perhaps a last time.

The gathering was in a large banquet room and I recall it being well- filled. Silly me, I never guessed that someday I would be in awe of all the questions that those five "kids" could have answered for us, and the stories they could have told!

Pictured left to right are Gerald, Gladys, Laurance, Dorothy, and Robert.

Bernice MacDougall was a ridge Road neighbor of the Danns, and wrote of Fred's death in her daybook. This was given to us by Walt Samson, her grandson.


Fred Dann's obituary

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