DANNs to Research [printed 9-29-05 and sent to Bob T; no new info for this 8/2/06 printing]

[Compiled by dotte hayes Nov 2004-Sept 2005 from sources noted here or on the Ongoing Dann Ancestors & Other Danns files.

I recommend those be read first to be aware of the documented info. The [info] is dotte’s comment/explanation].

These pages contain confusing info from various sources, much of it undocumented. More research is needed before this info can be added to DANN HISTORY; specific questions in red ink. Some documented info is also shown here for reference.

Luther Dann Family [1880 census for Canton Borough had William age 34, which means born about 1846. Info from Rhoda w/ 1850 census listing Luther's family has a son William age 5. Now he has wife Ellen age 30 and 13 yr daughter Ann Luther b 1824 approx, was oldest brother of Andrew J. This William probably is son of Luther as age/dates match].

Polly Ann Harrington: (b. 1831 in Luzerene Co, PA; d. 1921) [she was a sister of Alpheus & AJ; see the AJ siblings page; found no info re where died/ buried.] [from 1883 History of Tioga County – dotte copied Feb 2005]

Anson B. Harrington is a son of Peter B. and Polly A. Harrington, and was born in Union, October 20th 1850. He was a miner seven years; was hotel keeper a number of years, and is at present a butcher at Ogdensburg. In 1875 he married Alice, daughter of James and Mary Hermann, of Union. Their children are Anna M., Maud A. and Walter; they have lost a son named Frank.

Harrington Polly Mrs., h 241 Glenwood, Page 702 Elmira Heights Directory 1917 [ dotte found on Internet]

Laurance’s handwritten memoirs have, "Polly married Anson Harrington, they ran a café in Elmira Heights, NY in 1908."

Need to find date of Peter’s death and/or documented info re owners of café in 1908. Was it Anson, the son who was age 58 in 1908, who had the cafe? Seems logical to dotte!

Jeris Dann wrote that her husband, grandson of AJ, recalled visiting "Aunt Polly" in Elmira. She apparently lived in the Elmira area for much of her later years and there should be info in Chemung County records.

Alpheus Dann Family [see detailed info on AJ sibling pages, seems quite complete now for Alpheus’ family, except for info on son Clayton’s marriage, children, and life as an adult, and Mary Evangeline’s marriage & death dates + info on her children.

Lynn Dann told Bob Tilden in 10-6-1992 conversation [shown in blue ink] that:

1. Ray Barrow married Clayton's sister, who got Alpheus' farm in Ogdensburg, PA, and they had many kids.

[HOWEVER we know from 1883 History of Tioga County and 1880 census that Clayton had only 2 sisters. The youngest (Mary Evangeline) married Gilbert Scudder and lived in Steuben Co. NY. Anna only other daughter and she married WES Barrow and Ray was their son, she died same year he was born.

Anna b.1852-1853? d. 1876

The 1860 census has age her 7 by 6/1, thus birth date would be late 1852 or early 1853.

[dotte copied following paragraph re Wes & ANNA from 1883 History of Tioga County on Internet]

Wesley Barrow, son of William and Hannah Barrow, was born in Union, July 2nd 1841. His first wife was Anna, daughter of Alpheus and Margaret Dann, whom he married in 1867. She died in 1876, leaving three children--Maggie, now living, and Ray and Guy, deceased. In 1877 Mr. Barrow married Marcia, daughter of Isaac and Melinda Leonard, of Chenango, N.Y. Their children are Robbie and Mary. He has always been a farmer

[From the Alpheus Dann paragraph in county history and census it appears that Anna was the oldest child, born during 1852-1853, thus age 14–15 when married, and apparently died when son Ray was born and she was in her early 20s.

Dotte wonders about phrase "Ray…deceased" above as the 1899 Union directory has "Barrow Ray (Ogdensburg) r 26, farmer, leases of Mrs. Dunn, 90 acres". ]

1880 census shows that Maggie (age 10) and Ray Barrow (age 4) lived near the Alpheus Dann farm (w/ their father and stepmother), and that Alpheus' widow still lived on the farm 15 years after husband's death with son Clayton doing farm work. My guess is that she spent her life on that farm.]

[Not found any info re Ray’s marriage or his children. Is he the Ray listed in 1899 directory? Who married whom, had many children, and "got" the old Alpheus Dann farm?? Any birth/death info re small son Guy?]

The handwritten page of info done by Laurance Dann after he visited the cemetery in Ogdensburg, PA contains the following "Margaret Dann 1834-1914 owned a farm at Ogdensburg on the Dann Rd in Town of Union" and on bottom of page has, "Ray and Maggie Barrow", but no info re them or why he wrote their names. [Probably these 2 children were friends of the old Dann families. I asked Delos Dann and these names meant nothing to him]

2. Alpheus fought in the Civil War, got sick and was returned home. He died in Elmira, en route.

[not questioned tho found no documentation if just sick or if injured reason he headed home]

3. Ambrose: he thinks this is the uncle who took sick and the doctor told him to chew tobacco as a cure. He couldn't do that, so he died. [Cemetery info shows he died age 21 yrs, 4 mos & 11 days.

These two are listed here only because I found nothing in writing]

4. His father was Clayton, a son of Alpheus & Margaret Dann. [Clayton age 18 on 1880 census = b. 1862; found no info re his marriage/death or info re children. dotte] Lynn is 88 years now [age 88 in 1992 = b. 1904] grew up in Coopers Plains, had 7 brothers and 3 sisters (2 were half sisters). He farmed in Addison and Woodhull. Worked as a brakeman on the NYCRR from age 40. Owned the Townsend Grocery during and after the RR years; the grocery property was once 160 acres, farmed too. He had to give his wife the Addison farm (80 acres of bottom land) to get rid of her before she made him crazy.)

Were two of Clayton A’s 8 sons named Clayton & Gilbert?? – see the below family. [ Dotte found no info on Clayton’s 11 children, dates born, married, died, etc. Appears that Lynn was one of youngest children.]

I found 2 other DANN families in Union Township 1880 census info but they don't seem to match up w/ any of our ancestors. Found no Root family in Canton or anyplace!

OTHER DANNs to RESEARCH [compiled by dotte Nov 2004-Sept 2005]

[ANY relationship to Andrew J & descendants is not clear. Names are shown here to acknowledge we are aware of them and source of our info as research continues.]

Lynn Dann to Bob Tilden in 10-6-1992 conversation: [see previous page for info re Lynn’s father]

Gene Dann, a cousin of Lynn's father, was a vegetable farmer in Pine Valley. [in Chemung Co., NYS]

[Who was this Dann cousin? Any 1st cousin of Clayton had to be child of one of Philip & Mary’s sons. Perhaps not a 1st cousin. Any idea when Gene lived in Pine Valley? Is he the Eugene in 1899 directory or a son of that man?]

Union Township Directory 1899 [dotte copied from Internet 2/25/05]

EXPLANATIONS: post office address in parenthesis, if different from the name of town

R indicate the number of the road on which the party resides and will be found by reference to the map

figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Barrow Ray (Ogdensburg) r 26, farmer, leases of Mrs Dunn, 90 [expect he’s Anna’s son but no documentation]

Dann Eugene W (Ogdensburg) r 23, farmer 50 [is he the Gene who moved to Pine Valley?]

Dann Luther (Carpenter) r 36, farmer, 40 [would he be a son of AJ oldest brother??]

[Makes sense this Ray Barrow is son of Anna Dann Barrow. Perhaps Luther is a descendant (grandson?) of AJ’s brother Luther? Eugene in Ogdensburg area probably related to AJ, but how?]

[Would be interesting to find an actual copy of this directory with the map as it probably shows where DANN Rd. and Alpheus’ farm was located! dotte]


Subj: updates Date: 11/11/2004 [reply from Bob Tilden to dotte hayes]

Dotte: The Larry Dann I mentioned lived just up the road (at the 414/CR16 corner) from me for several years. Just coincidence in a small world! An aside, Larry Dann's father was Gilbert, a brother of Clayton.

[Confusing! Alpheus had no other sons. Cassius died age 4 and Ambrose age 21, no info re a marriage. Have found no documented info re Clayton A.’s marriage or children. Were two of Clayton A’s 8 sons named Clayton & Gilbert and this sentence refers to a younger generation (grandsons of Alpheus & Margaret?) ? I’ve found no info on Clayton’s children or grandchildren, except what Lynn told Bob]

[This exchange of messages is put here either as possible exploration in connection with the 6 male siblings and their descendants of Lynn Dann (b 1904) who had lived in western part of Schuyler County + Gene Dann who apparently lived at one time near Schuyler County, or as people to rule out as having any distant relationship from early Dann ancestors.]

Subj: Re: Questions/Ideas Date: 07/09/2005 [reply from Bob T to dotte re a Schuyler Co. Ray Dann]

Dotte: Ray Dann and his wife are not related. He and my grandfather had an opportunity to hash things through, and neither could come up with a common relative... If there was one, one of them would have known. Ray was "Dann's Town and Country Trading Post" in Tyrone, and he was also a builder. Bob

Subj: Questions/Ideas Date: 07/09/2005

Hi Bob, Do you think Dorcas Agnes DANN had any connection to our extended Dann family? She was age 89 when died March 2005, formerly of Watkins Glen and buried there. Was widow of Raymond Dann Sr. who died in 1989. She had been a member of Rebecca Lodge of Tyrone. Was survived by sons Lynn and Raymond Jr. You are knowledgeable about the DANNs who lived on west side of Montour & Watkins!! Dotte

OTHER DANNS to Research, cont’d

Union Center (Swamp) Cemetery, PA

Mimi obtained a photocopy of page from cemetery records which has Row 8, DANN lot

(tho Philip, Mary, Marvin, Orlando, and Emma Dann Budson are buried in row 7)

Dann lot, row 8: The printed page of cemetery records which Mimi obtained shows: " Willie, son of Wm & M.C. Myers d. Mar 20, 1865 age 3 mos. Robert M. son of Ambrose & Mary Barker d. Oct 11, 1852 age 1 yr 3 mos., Cassius M, 4 yrs 5 mo., Ambrose Dann age 21 yrs 4 mos., and Alpheus 1828-1865 & Margaret 1834-1914 Dann.


Subj: Swamp Cemetery - more comments Date: 11/05/2004

Hi Bob, You mentioned seeing stone in this cemetery for Robert Barker. Info I have is that he was son of Ambrose and Mary Barker and died at age 1 year in 1852. Why was this "baby" buried in the Dann plot?

[See 1860 census. I now know the Barkers were neighbors of the Philip and Alpheus Dann families but have found no other connection. dotte]

You also mentioned Willie Myers. After reading info I have, wonder if he was Celestia's son. Assume Willie had to have a close connection to Dann family to be buried in their plot. Celestia, sister of AJ & Alpheus, was born about 1843, and Willie died March 1865 at age 3 months. The printed page of cemetery records which Mimi obtained shows: "son of Wm & M.C. Myers". A guess -- MC could be Mary Celestia!! dotte

[I still have found no info re William & M.C. Myers, Willie, or who/when Celestia married or any clue as to why this baby was buried in Dann plot in Union Cemetery. ]



At 8//2/03 Dann reunion, Danny Dann (Delos' oldest son) mentioned a conversation he had with a woman (from his neighborhood? Or did he talk w/ her elsewhere?) who said a Spencer from Union Township in PA married a Dann and descendants still live on that farm.

He also said a woman from Auburn had called him re Dann twins in Auburn. Told him I’d never heard of such and didn’t know how/where they’d fit into our line dotte

[I’ve heard no more about these people]


I’m sure there are others we need to research! dotte


[For information/reference for anyone doing research in the future and sees these names.

Not need researching; dotte has about 3 pages of info re Hollis, his siblings and parents.]

HOLLIS DANN, well-known in music circles and from Canton, PA, is a documented 3rd generation distant cousin. Philip Dann & Abijah Dann were brothers, the oldest two of Seth Dann’s 11 children. Abijah had a son named Judson who was father of Hollis Dann, born 1861 or 1862. Philip had a son named Andrew Jackson who was the father of Cora, born 1866. [There did not appear to be any interactions between the Hollis Dann family and Andrew or his children.]

During 1886-87 Hollis was principal of the public school (not Cook Academy) in Havana, NY (now Montour Falls). He then taught in Ithaca, NY public school system before accepting a position at Cornell University. Cornell University when asked him to organize the men’s Glee Club which he then directed for 32 years. He was head of the Cornell Music Department 1906-1921.

For further explanation, am putting here these e-mails between Mimi Hayes & dotte.

Subj: Canton cemetery people Date: 08/16/2002

Mimi, re the info you found for Canton cemetery:

Judson was father of Hollis Dann and a son of Abijah.

Judson's wife was Harriet Harding and dates shown make sense for her

The Harding and Ella lines are confusing - my GUESS is they were daus who died in their teens (birth dates make sense with the adults ages) and that Harding is an error for the name of this girl tho suppose anything is possible!!! Clipping I have re Hollis indicates he had a sister named Celia, and that Hollis died Jan 1939 at age 77 at his home on Long Island, thus born 1862, tho from some source earlier I had noted b.1861. Do NOT have obit and not know where buried. dotte


East - Section 3

Dann, Judson 23 Oct. 1825 23 Dec. 1902

Harriet 6 Sep. 1824 - 23 Apr. 1915 (I don't recognize these names! Mimi)

Harding 20 Mar 1869 - 15 y., 28 d.

Ella 11 Jun 1865 - 15 y., 8 m., 5 d.

East Section 4

Dann, Abijah 1796 - 1880

Phebe 1796 - 1859 (These are our line)



Town of Union PA 1860 Census













Harriet H.





Ella A.






Celia H.






Harding J.





X = children were in school within the year

Children match cemetery info or what Hollis said about the family when he was a child

Hollis not born yet for this census