Ongoing File of Information re Dann Ancestors & Other Danns [no new info when printed this 8/2/06]

[Compiled 11/04 –9/05 by dotte hayes from various sources, still an on-going project. These 4 pgs, include census, printed 9/29/05 and mailed to Bob T]

Info on these pages is documented material from printed/Internet sources as noted.

The Tri-County History – Chemung Co. NY, Bradford & Tioga counties, PA [on Internet]

- 1860 & 1880 census for Union Township, are pages 3 & 4 [on Internet]

- History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Biographical Appendix , Union Township 1883), pp. 33-35 [on Internet]
- 1899 Directory for Union Township [on Internet]

Chart for Seth & Jane (Munger) Dann and their 11 children including Philip & Abijah [I received from Jeris Dann]

Laurance Dann, AJ’s grandson, provided several handwritten pages of his memoirs dated 1968 and 1971+ info from his visit to Ogdensburg, Town of Union PA cemetery. [I received from Mimi]

Printed photocopy of page from Union Center (Swamp) Cemetery records for DANN lots [obtained by Mimi Hayes]

Orlando’s Civil War record: from National Archives [Philip Dann sent to Marilyn Dann Arman 7/98, she gave to me 8/05]

Note: federal census day 1830 thru 1900 was June 1

[Undocumented/questionable info from conversations, etc. is on dh files named "DANNs to Research" ]


Census info is 1850 as noted by Rhoda Ladd – a genealogist from PA; she also provided the year enlisted in Civil War for the sons as taken from "The Family Record by Polly Ann Dann Harrington".

Cemetery info is photocopy of page from Union Center (Swamp) Cemetery records, made by Mimi Hayes probably during 1980s, Rows 7 & 8 are DANN lot; + some info from Laurance Dann’s undated handwritten notes after he visited this cemetery. * = discrepancies in info from different sources

Philip A. (b.13 April 1798, d. cemetery 21 March 1861 age 66* yrs) 1823 married Mary Anne Cure (b.16 July 1810 d. cemetery 29 Oct 1865 age 55 yrs 2 mos 13 ds). Census: Philip age 52 & Mary age 44*, b = age 40.

Ancestor "pedigree" chart done by Jeris Dann shows above b. & d. dates for Philip and the chart for Seth Dann’s children info has same b. date for Philip, thus was almost age 63* when died. Philip was born in NY. He and wife came to Union Township, PA in spring of 1841. Their first 8 children were born in Luzerne Co., PA; Orlando in Pike, PA; Louisa in Bradford Co. (Troy) PA; and the last three in Union Township, Tioga Co., PA.

Their 13 children were:

Luther: census: Luther age 26 [= b 1824], Martha 22, William 5, Eaton 2 [see 1860 & 1880 census info]

Emeline: (cemetery Emma, wife of Geo Budson, d. 5 March 1859 age 55* yrs 6 mos); [this age not feasible,

Laurance showed age 33 yrs 5 mos which = b. Sept 1825 and logical sequence w/ siblings; see 1860 census -- dotte]

Alpheus E. (cemetery b. 1828 d. 6 May 1865), census age 23, Civil War 1864 see his section next page

Married Margaret 13 Sept 1850 (cemetery b.21 Sept 1834 d. 1914)

Betsy [dotte has found no info on her]

Polly Ann: (b. 1831 in Luzerene Co, PA; d. 1921) [see 1860 census]

[per Laurance’s handwritten memoirs] Polly married Anson* Harrington, they ran a café in Elmira Heights, NY in 1908

BUT Anson B. Harrington is a son of Peter B. and Polly A. Harrington, and was born in Union, October 20th 1850. He was a miner seven years; was hotelkeeper a number of years, and is at present a butcher at Ogdensburg. In 1875 he married Alice, daughter of James and Mary Hermann, of Union. Their children are Anna M., Maud A. and Walter; they have lost a son named Frank. [from 1883 History of Tioga County – dotte copied Feb 2005]

[Harrington Polly Mrs., h 241 Glenwood, Page 702 Elmira Heights Directory 1917, dotte found on Internet]

Anson D: census age 18 [= b.1832], Civil War spring 1863 [see 1860 census, found no post-war info]

Anson Dann, justice of peace for township 1861, from pg 652 History of Tioga County. [Undoubtedly he is Andrew J’s brother. Page appears to be Union township. Anson not listed as buried in Swamp cemetery w/ other Danns.]

George W: census age 16 [=b. 1834], Civil War 1864 [ see 1860 census, found no post-war info]

Philip Marvin: census age 14 [= b. 1836/37]; (cemetery died 14 Sept 1858 age 21 yrs 7 mos 15 ds)

Orlando: census age 12 [= b. 1838], Civil War fall 1861 (106th Reg PA Vol.; cemetery died 10 March 1863 age 23* yrs 10 mos 21ds) Archives: enlisted Aug 15,1861 for 3 yrs; 5’9", light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, was a carpenter. Certificate of disability for discharge dated Dec 8, 1862, US Hospital, Washington, DC, "I have carefully examined Orlando S. Dann and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of significant consumption of lungs." Another form shows "discharged Dec 26, 1862."; another notation "died at Ogdensburg, PA".

Louisa: census age 10 [= b.1840; found no more info, NOT on 1860 census]

Celestia: census age 7, b. Union PA. [= b. 1843; see 1860 census, found no more info]

Andrew J.: census age 5, b. Union, PA; b 16 April 1845 d 28 May 1919

Lucy A: census age 1, b. Union, PA [see 1860 census, found no more info]

Note: Emeline, Betsy, Polly not on 1850 census with Philip’s household so presume they were married by then.


Alpheus Dann Family

Alpheus E. Dann was a farmer and a speculator. A member of Co. F 12th NY Cavalry; he died in the General Hospital, Elmira, N.Y. 6th May 1865. In 1883 his children Clayton A. and Mary E. are still living; Anna, Ambrose, and Cassius A. are deceased. Mrs. Margaret Dann, widow, was born in Delaware Co. NY.

[There are no other children mentioned for Alpheus. These sentences are from an undated typed page of info which I received from Jeris. In addition to info which appears compiled by Polly Dann Harrington, it contains a paragraph "added by Rhoda E. LADD, page 33 appendix History of Tioga County, PA 1883", and was source of these paragraphs. A puzzling item in this paper is the phrase "21st Sept 1850" w/ no explanation. My guess is that "Sept 1850" is when he married, early in year he was single living w/ parents why he was shown on census w/ their household. dotte ]

MRS. MARGARET DANN, widow of Alpheus E. Dann, was born in Delaware county, N.Y., September 21st 1834. They were married September 13th 1850. He was a farmer and speculator. He was a member of Company F 12th N.Y. cavalry, and died in the general hospital at Elmira, May 6th 1865. Of his children Clayton A. and Mary E. are now living, and Anna, Ambrose M. and Cassius A. are deceased. [dotte copied this paragraph from Internet, 1883 History of Tioga County]

Laurance’s page of info after he visited the cemetery in Ogdensburg, PA. , contains the following, "Margaret Dann 1834-1914 owned a farm at Ogdensburg on the Dann Rd in Town of Union."


Children of Alpheus & Margaret Dann: [see 1860 & 1880 census + History of Tioga County]

Cassius M.: (cemetery d. 1 Feb 1864 age 4 yrs 5 mos 10 ds) [= b. 1859]

Ambrose M.: (cemetery d. 31 Dec 1875 age 21 yrs 4 mos 11 ds) [=b. 1854]

Anna b.1852-1853? d. 1876

The 1860 census has her as age 7 by 6/1, thus birth date would be late 1852 or early 1853.

[dotte copied following paragraph re Wes & ANNA from 1883 History of Tioga County on Internet]

Wesley Barrow, son of William and Hannah Barrow, was born in Union, July 2nd 1841. His first wife was Anna, daughter of Alpheus and Margaret Dann, whom he married in 1867. She died in 1876, leaving three children--Maggie, now living, and Ray and Guy, deceased. In 1877 Mr. Barrow married Marcia, daughter of Isaac and Melinda Leonard, of Chenango, N.Y. Their children are Robbie and Mary. He has always been a farmer

[From the Alpheus Dann paragraph in Tioga County history and census it appears that Anna was the oldest child, born during 1852-1853, thus age 14–15 when married, and apparently died when son Ray was born and she was in her early 20s.

Dotte wonders about phrase "Ray…deceased" above as the 1899 Union directory has "Barrow Ray (Ogdensburg) r 26, farmer, leases of Mrs. Dunn, 90 acres". ]

See the info from a conversation Bob Tilden had with "Lynn Dann" re Anna on the "Danns to Research" file as that has info contradictory to these facts.]

Mary Evangeline b. 13 Sept 1864 d. ? ; married Gilbert D. Scudder and lived in Hornby, NY area.

[ See 1880 census for Union Township; have not found additional info]

Clayton A. 1880 census shows age 18 [= b 1862; a farmer in Union township, living with mother;

see 1880 census, only documentation found , also see info on Danns to Research file]




Union Township Directory 1899 [dotte copied from Internet 2/25/05]

EXPLANATIONS: post office address in parenthesis, if different from the name of town

r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides and will be found by reference to the map

figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased

Barrow Ray (Ogdensburg) r 26, farmer, leases of Mrs. Dunn, 90

Dann Eugene W (Ogdensburg) r 23, farmer, 50

Dann Luther (Carpenter) , r 36, farmer, 40[I put here for reference + in the DANNs to Research file. Makes sense this Ray Barrow is son of Anna Dann Barrow. Perhaps Luther is a descendant (grandson?) of AJ’s brother Luther? Eugene in Ogdensburg area probably related to AJ.]

[Would be interesting to find an actual copy of this directory with the map as it probably shows where DANN Rd. and Alpheus’ farm was located! dotte]



1880 CENSUS UNION Township 142 & 155 = dwelling #; state is where person born

142 Dann Margaret 45 widow housekeeper NY

Clayton 18 son farmer PA

May 16 dau at home PA [I believe should be Mary Evangeline-dotte]

Also listed a schoolteacher who boarded with Margaret.

155 Barrow Wesley 39 hus farmer PA

Marcia 25 wife housekeeper NY

Maggie 10 dau attend school PA

Ray 4 son at home PA

246 Scudder David T 61 widower farmer NY

James 30 son farmer NY

Ettie M. 21 dau housekeeper NY

Gilbert 20 son works on farm NY

Anna 82 mother widow

Dotte's comments re 1880 census info: I believe the dwelling # is a census ID, not a house address number

Mary Evangeline age 16 for this census makes sense. Previous info I have indicates she was born Sept 1864 and still living in 1883 (= age 19) no indication married in 1883. I don't have date of marriage to Gilbert D. Scudder.

Gilbert [D. makes sense, is for father] this is 1st I've seen that he lived in Union also! Do believe this is same Gilbert as M Evangeline's husband.

1880 census for Canton Borough had William age 34, which means born about 1846. Info from Rhoda w/ 1850 census listing Luther's family has a son William age 5. Now has a wife Ellen age 30 and 13 yr daughter Ann. William probably is son of Luther, AJ's oldest brother as age/dates match.



1860 Census Union Township, Tioga County, PA

X = attended school within year; children were given occupations! I assume estate =$value

Note: Page Number, Dwelling & Family #s as recorded: not in sequence; I didn’t put here

Real Personal Birth

Name Age Sex Occupation Estate Estate Place School

Dann Philip 62 M farmer 2500 700 NY
Mary A 55 F NY

Orlando 21 M farm laborer PA X

Celesta 17 F servant PA X

Andrew 16 M laborer PA X

Lucy 11 F PA X

Butson Eugene 13 M PA X

[dotte’s comment: Butson probably Budson, son of P’s dau Emeline who died 1859 @ age 33 logical, not 55]

Dann Luther 36 M farmer 700 200 PA

Mersha A. 32 F NY

William L 15 M farm laborer PA X

Eglon 12 M PA X

Sarah 9 F PA X

Charles 3 M PA

Thomas 1 M PA

Dann Alpheus 31 M farmer 2100 600 PA

Margaret 26 F NY

Annis A 7 F [has to be ANNA! dotte] PA X

Ambrose M. 6 M PA X

Casius M. 1 M PA



(1860 census cont’d)

Herrington, Peter 36 M farmer 500 150 NY

Polly 28 F PA

Anson 9 M PA X

[dotte’s comment: Polly is Polly Ann Dann, dau of Philip & Mary; have seen Harrington other places]


Dann Anson 21 M farmer 400 100 PA

Melinda 24 F PA

Byron 3 M PA

Harriet 1 F PA


Dann George W 25 M farmer 1000 250 PA

Eliza 21 F PA



These page #s as shown on Internet posting:

  1. & Van Hoesen w/ Frederick cont’d on page 701, put on VanHoesen file
  2. Alpheus Dann, Philip Dann
  3. George

705 Peter & Polly Herrington

  1. Anson & Melinda
  2. Luther &

701 Ambrose Barker [appears to be neighbor of the Philip & Alpheus DANN families; a Barker baby is buried in the Dann plot in Union cemetery; have found no for other explanation for burial in this plot except good neighbor]

Per Bob Tilden, 2006: Alpheus’ wife Margaret was a daughter of Ambrose Barker. Ambrose Dann was their son. Their daughter Mary Evangeline Dann had a son Ambrose Scudder

716 Silas Dann, [a child of Seth and a brother of Philip]

716 Barrow family, Wes Barrow later married Anna who was oldest child of Alpheus Dann