1850 and 1860

In examining the Tioga County PA Town of Union census data, there it surprised me that there were so many Danns. It wasn't just Philip and family in a township of less than 300 households. Noted below are all the Danns and their relationship to each other. Some are yet unidentified.


This page, as most others on this site is still incomplete. More information will be added as it becomes available. Many other familiar names crop up in the list as I learn more of the family. Irvins, Barkers, Bunns, and others all married Danns, some twice. I will try to note these families at a future occasion. It was quite a community up on that hill!

There were no Danns in the 1840 census.


dwelling 35:
PHILIP, 52.... NY....Farmer son of Seth
MARY, 44....NY.
Mary Anne Cure
Alpheus, 23
Anson A., 18
George W. , 16
Philip M., 14
Orlando, 12
Louisa, 10
Celesta, 7
Andrew J. 5
Lucy, 1

Dwelling 89:
LUTHER, 26.... PA....Farmer Son of Philip
Martha, 22.
Martha was raised by the Gleason family
William, 5
Eaton, 2

Dwelling 117:
ABIJAH, 55....NY....Farmer. Son of Seth.
PHEBE, 60....NY.
Phebe Peck
Francis E., 20
Samantha, 18
Alantha, 14

Dwelling 118:
HARVEY, 40....NY....Farmer Son of Seth.
AZUBA, 40....NY.
Azuba McMullen.
Ellen, 15
Silas, 13
John, 10
Jane, 3
James, 2

Dwelling 119:
JONATHAN, 30....NY. Son of Seth
Mary, 25....NY
Mary Catherine Letteer
Son, 2

Dwelling 120:
DAN, JUDSON, 25...NY....Farmer
Harriet, 25....PA
Son of Abijah.
Ella, 1
Luther, 30,....Farmer....NY
Ann, 25, ....NY
Son of Abijah.
William, 5
Brigham, 2


Dwelling 8:
ELIJA, 63....NY
MARY, 65....NH
New in 1860; not yet identified.

Dwelling 93:
ALPHEUS, 31....PA Son of Philip.
Margaret Barker
Annnis A., 7 (female)
Ambrose M., 6
Casius M., 1

Dwelling 95:
PHILIP, 62....NY Son of Seth.
MARY, 55....NY
Mary Anne Cure
Orlando, 21
Celesta, 17
Andrew, 16
Lucy, 1

Dwelling 98:
GEORGE W, 25. Son of Philip
ELIZA, 21....NY
They live with the Griswell family.

Dwelling 181:
JUDSON, 35....NY
Not yet identified.
Ella A., 11
Celia H., 9

Dwelling 190:
HARVEY, 40....NY....Farmer Son of Seth.
AZUBA, 40....NY
Azuba Mc Mullen. Note the age discrepancies between the two censuses.
Ellen, 23
Silas, 21
Jaspar, 19 (Could be 1850's "John")
Jane, 13
James, 11
William, 4

Dwelling 191:
ANSON, 27....PA Son of Philip

Byron, 3
Harriet, 1
Eugene in 1866, and Minerva in 1870, both in the Town of Union. Byron was born in Minnesota, married Emma W. in Union, 1879. They had a daughter Emma in Union, 1880; She died in 1882. Emma died in Missouri 1883.

Dwelling 197:
LUTHER, 35....PA Son of Philip.
MERSHA, 32....NY
William L., 15
Eglon, 12
Sarah, 9
Charles, 3
Thomas, 1