Van Buskirk lines within the Van Hoesen family

I will start at the beginning, for the benefit of folks who have just become curious about our ancestry. This loose association of Dann family members is nominally "the descendants of Andrew Jackson Dann and his wife Angelina Van Hoesen". The ancestry of the Danns who preceded Andrew Jackson "AJ" are discussed elsewhere on the site; this page is devoted to the ancestors of Angelina Van Hoesen.

The Van Hoesens spent more than a century as part of the Dutch community in the Hudson Valley of New York State, seeming to move from New York to Albany through the years. There is subsequent record of "our" Van Hoesens in Tully NY, near Syracuse, in Preble NY near Cortland, and in Tioga County PA. Richard and Rachael Van Hoesen made their home in the New York township of Hornby, along with their daughters Angelina Dann, Melissa Stanton, and (....) Morse.

We have records of Van Hoesen genealogy which stretch back eight generations prior to Angelina, and it is interesting to see the same family names crop up over and over within the small community of New Amsterdam.

I hope to cover more Van Hoesen Genealogy, but as a first venture I present the two Van Buskirk lines that run through Rachael Van Hoesen's family; Presented below. The chart starts at the top with Laurens Andries in Europe, and ends at the bottom with Lana Van Buskirk and Garrit Van Hoesen. It continues another two generations to Angeline Van Hoesen Dann.

Each name in blue is a link... click the name to read their story. We have a little bit on everyone, but don't miss Jacob, Catherine, or Laurens Andries!

The two Van Buskirk lines in the Van Hoesen family

This Van Buskirk information was provided by Emma Lou Stanislav, descended from Melissa Van Hoesen Stanton. She has worked hard to preserve our family history but wishes thet credit for this information be extended to the following people: C. Wesley Murray and Paul Van Buskirk. Reference papers of Elizabeth Selick Murray, Stanley Sellic, Jacob and Johnathan Van Buskirk, Sir Fredrick Haldimand, and CM Van Tyne "Loyalists in the American Revolution"
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