Philip Dann and Mary Anne Cure Dann were the parents of thirteen children, including Andrew Jackson Dann. Different documents show that "our" Dann family started out in Stamford, Connecticut, remaining there for four generations. John Dann was born in Stamford, but moved to North Castle, in Westchester County, then Millbrook in Dutchess County. In 1792 was an original settler in the town of North Norwich, Chenango County NY.

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Early settlers in the Town of No. Norwich (#10) of Original Twenty Towns taken from "1874 History of Chenango & Madison Counties, NY" by James H Smith; pub. 1880. Tried to use year, where stated, person and where they were from.

North Norwich was formed from Norwich, April 7, 1849. 1794 first settlements made by some eight or nine persons from Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., who purchased the 10th township, or large portions of it, and for whom it was surveyed and divided by Captain John HARRIS, a pioneer settler.

Among these were: Jonathan DAN supposed to be first settler (French's Gazatteer says Joseph LATHROP and A. MEAD made first settlement on lot 1, in 1794)

John's son Seth, born in 1773, moved from North Norwich and settled in the Town of Abington, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. This is the present Clarks Summit area, and is now a part of Lackawanna County. Census records show he was a blacksmith.

As an aside, Seth's brother Philip moved from Abington to the southeast corner of Broome County NY, in the town of Sanford prior to 1850. The hilly area they settled is still known as Danville, but is not much more than a country crossroads. Click here for a 2006 picture of Danville.

The following history was transcribed by Bob Tilden from notes in the possession of Jack Sullivan, a descendant of Mary Evangeline Dann. The notation at the top reads that they are taken from Polly Dann Harrington, an older sister of AJ Dann. Additional notes were added by Marie Scudder Sullivan and Judy Scudder McEntyre after a visit to the Dann ("Swamp") cemetery in the Town of Union.

Philip Dann, (a son of Seth Dann, and father of Andrew Jackson Dann) was born in North Norwich NY in 1798 and raised in the Town of Abington, Luzerne County PA. He, his wife Mary Anne Cure Dann, and 10 children arrived in the Town of Union, Tioga County Pennsylvania in the spring of 1841. Their first eight children were born in Abbington (1824...1836). Orlando was born in the Town of Pike, Bradford County, Louisa was born in Troy, Bradford County, and the rest were born in the Town of Union, Tioga County. Note that the Towns of Pike and Warren are in the northeast corner of Bradford County, and the Town of Troy surrounds the village of Troy. Their lives must have been an "interesting journey": a timeline follows...

Luther Dann was born in 1824. The Town of union 1860 census shows him married to Mersha(32), with children William L.(15), Eglon (12), Sarah (9), Charles (3), and Thomas (1). Other records show him as a carpenter. There is an incidental mention in an October, 1903 Troy Gazette Register: "Mr James McKerrow and wife attended the funeral of Luther Dann in Carpenter last week".

Emeline Dann was born in 1826 and died in 1859 at age 33. She is buried in the Swamp cemetery; her headstone reads "Emma". She was married to George Budson. The 1860 census shows "Eugene Butson", age 13, living with Philip and Mary Anne.

Alpheus Dann was born in 1827 and died in 1865. He joined the 12th NY cavalry and was released due to illness. He died in Elmira, enroute home. He was married to Margaret Barker, who is buried with him in the swamp cemetary. There is a lot of his genealogy elsewhere on this site.

Betsy Dann was born in 1830. Married Luther Ogden, died 4/12/1889. THe 1860 census shows 3 children; Emeline (11), Mary A (9), and Edgar (3). Betsy died in 1889.

Polly Ann Dann was born in 1831 and died in 1921. Married Peter Harrington. The Town of Union census for 1860 shows a son Anson, (9). Polly died in 1921.

Anson Dann was born in 1832. Civil War 1862. The Town of Union cenus for 1860 shows him married to Melinda ( Harding ), age 24, with children Byron (3), and Harriet (1). Anson died in 1877.

George Dann was born in 1934, and married Eliza. He died in Osage, Kansas in 1883.

Marvin (Philip) Dann was born in 1836 and died September 14,1858.

In 1838 the family moved from Abbington, Luzerne County PA to Pike Township in northeast Bradford County PA where they rented a farm and lived there one year.

Orlando Dann was born in 1838 and died in 1863. Enlisted in the 106th regiment PA vol. In 1861. Became disabled, discharged, and died within months; March 10, 1863.

In 1839 the family moved to Warren Township, still in northeast Bradford County. They rented a farm and lived there for one year.

In 1840 the family moved to Troy, Bradford County, PA with one cow, a sick horse and endured several mishaps on a three day journey.

Louisa Dann was born in 1840. She married William Grantier in 1857 and iied in Osage Kansas in 1917.

In the Fall of 1840 Phillip and his son Alpheus went to Union, Tioga County and took up a homestead. In the following spring, 1841, the family followed with two cows, 2 hogs, and one horse. They moved in with another family, sharing one room for three weeks until a log house could be built.

In 1843 Celestia Dann was born. She married Carlos Newell in 1865 and died in 1912. They had a daughter Mary Ellen Newell in 1865'; She married Alvin Thomas in 1906 but had no children .

In 1844 a log school- house was built in "the swamp"

In 1845 Andrew Dann was born. This site is maintained by "The descendants of A.J. and Angeline Van Hoesen Dann", and there is much here about him. Start with Notes and photographs of AJ and Angeline.

In 1848 the barn on the farm was built

In 1849 Lucy Dann was born. She married Benjamin Irvin and died in Kansas City(?).

In 1854 Anson and Marvin Dann built the family a new frame house.

"The Good Old Days" don't really sound that great, and It seems that the family was no picture of prosperity. They knocked around in the early years, and later four of the boys enlisted in the Army, even though they were probably old enough to stay on the farm. (ages 22 through 37).

Philip and Mary Anne had thirteen children, buried three of them, and saw another three move away permanently. Philip died at age 63 and Mary Anne died at age 55.

There were more Danns up on the hill than Philip and family. Click the box for more information.