Anecdotes and other uncorroborated information of Alpheus and Margaret Dann

September 2007: I am in touch with several of their descendants who are very knowledgeable about their ancestors, and I am anticipating trheir help!
For now, this is all I have.

From Dianne Spencer: Margaret remarried at some point of her life. There is no recollection of who, or of any details of it. She went off with him and returned in her buggy after two days, carrying all her belongings. She refused to talk about it, and refused to hear any conversation about it either. It was seldom mentioned afterwards.

Alpheus and Margaret's original home was either next to Philip's original homestead cabin or he moved into the original cabin when Philip's frame house was completed. Their daughter Mary who died in 1958 told Dianne Spencer that she recalled living "down over the hill", referring to the location that has been given for the original homestead. It is hoped that a visit to the county clerk's office can straighten out some of the property transfers within the family.

Alpheus was said to be somewhat of a "land speculator". There is some evidence of this. It should be noted that the value of his property and holdings in the 1860 census at age 32 was listed as $2700. His father Philip was listed as $3200, and his father- in- law Ambrose Barker was listed as $2000. All of these numbers are higher than most others in the township at that time.